The interim manager is supporting you when there is a need for a temporary or a part time leader in your company. You may need additional resources while expanding the business, working through changes, when key persons are resigning or when you wish to start strategically important projects. Sometimes you also may wish to ‘a take time out’ before making final decision of a permanent manager position and the needed profile.

Benefits of using an interim manager

An interim manager offers you experience, skills and a contact network supporting the growth of your company. You would not be required to start a recruitment process or allocate additional tasks and responsibilities to other managers on top of their own workload. The use of an interim manager ensures efficient operations.

Interim manager assignments

Before each assignment we set the targets, milestones and reporting. All assignments are based on hourly or daily rates. Longer projects would use a separate quotation. Throughout the assignment we work closely together targeting growth, motivation and well-being of the personnel.